We bake cupcakes from scratch with frosting.  Pure Vanilla, Butter, Fresh Cream and Fresh Fruit are a few of the ingredients you will taste in all of our products. All of our baked goods are made in small batches.
We're not in competition with the local grocery store.  Our products will never sit for several days waiting to be purchased.  If you want a delicious product we can provide exactly what you want!!
If you're looking for baked goods costing pennies we are not the shop for you. Thanks! 
Lemon  - Lemon Cake w/lemon
Chocolate - Chocolate Cake w/buttercream or chocolate buttercream
Vanilla - Vanilla Cake w/buttercream or chocolate buttercream
Red Velvet  - Red Velvet w/cream cheese frosting
Wedding Cake - Our almond flavored cake with almond & vanilla as well as almond buttercream

Strawberry  - Strawberry Cake w/strawberry cream cheese
Coffee - Yellow cake infused with coffee & coffee buttercream frosting
Coconut - Coconut Cake w/coconut cream cheese & toasted coconut
Chocolate Cloud - Chocolate cake w/cream cheese frosting, chocolate chips

 Snickerdoodle  - Vanilla & cinnamon cake w/cinnamon

Chunky Monkey - Banana Cake w chocolate chips & peanut butter  

PBJ - Peanut Butter cake w/peanut butter & a topping of jelly and edges with peanuts

Peach Cobbler - Vanilla cake w peach filling, cinnamon buttercream

Key Lime - Key lime cupcake, lime cream cheese, graham cracker crust and graham cracker crumbs, cream cheese buttercream

S'more - Chocolate cake, marshmallow frosting w/ chocolate bar on top and marshmallows


Pumpkin Pecan - Pumpkin Cake w/cinnamon cream cheese frosting (seasonal)

Banana Split - Banana Cake with strawberry, vanilla, & chocolate buttercream, sprinkles & cherry on top

Banana Pudding - Vanilla Cake w/banana filling, cream cheese frosting, crush vanilla wafers

Maple Bacon - Brown Sugar Cake with maple and bacon crumbles and brown sugar buttercream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Chocolate Chip cake w/cookie dough filling, chocolate chip buttercream

Coconut Rum - Vanilla Cake, w/coconut rum, coconut rum toasted coconut
Sweet Potato - Sweet Potato cake, cream cheese frosting & pecans  
Toffee Coffee - Yellow cake infused w/coffee, cream cheese frosting & crush toffee bits 
Peanut Butter - Chocolate cake w/peanut butter frosting, peanut butter cups (peanut butter lover this is for you, personal favorite)
Chocolate Monster - Chocolate cake w/Chocolate buttercream caramel drizzle, and pecans
Carrot - Classic carrot w/pecans, cream cheese frosting

Pina Colada - Coconut Cake, pineapple filling, vanilla buttercream, and Toasted Coconut
Orange Dream - Vanilla cake, orange peel, orange cream cheese frosting
Strawberry Lemon - Lemon cake w/lemon shaving, strawberry cream cheese frosting (seasonal)
O-Re-Oh! - Chocolate cake w/vanilla buttercream infused with Oreos
Lemon Coconut - Lemon cake w/lemon cream cheese, covered w/coconut
White Chocolate Macadamia - White cake w/white chocolate chips, white chocolate cream cheese frosting, macadamia nuts & caramel drizzle 

One Flavor per dozen  
Cupcakes - Dozen $36.00
Specialty - Dozen

Cupcakes w/filling - $5.00 per dozen

Liquor Infused - $8.00 per dozen
Cupcake Jars - In tribute to my grandmother, Thelma Aykes, who I watched so many summers as a child make preserves. She would patiently cook her pears and figs from her trees. 

I always wondered why so much effort went into preparing the mason jars. It was because of the effort we had some of the best preserves that never seemed to run out. 

So here's to you "Mama". A delicious cupcake layered in an 8 mason jar between layers of creamy frosting.  Jars come with ribbon or fabric swatches and ready to enjoy.  Perfect gifts for teachers, favorite banker, birthdays, your delivery person, and as thank you gifts.
Two flavors
6 jars @ $42.00
Three flavors 
12 jars - $84.00
Fondant/ Toppers/Theme 
                     $15.00 per dozen
Sprinkles & Colored Sugar (complimentary)
Candy Molds - $8.00 per dozen

         Edible Images - $12.00 per dozen

      Colored Frosting- $3.00 per dozen

Rolled-Out Sugar Cookies

Each cookie wrapped in a cellophane bag with ribbon or your cookies will come in a box.  Perfect for party favors or gifts.

 Minimum 1 dozen is required.

$22.00 per dozen/box
   $26.00 per dozen/individual bags                                          (frosting)
Rich Girl - $22.00 
 Oatmeal, Two Chocolates & Pecans
Perfect Chocolate Chip
 $18.00 (w/pecans $20.00)

Peanut Butter - $16.00

Oatmeal  Raisin - $16.00 
                     ($18.00 w pecans)

Old Fashioned Tea Cakes - $20.00

Hard Candy Apples

1 Dozen Apples - $48

Apples will range from medium to small in size with wooden sticks.  You have the option to choose your flavor and color. Apples are individually wrapped in clear cellophane bags. 
Ribbon is $5 a dozen. 
Bling sticks are $10 a dozen.
Images  - $12 a dozen.
 Special Occasion
You must specifically request any of the special occasion boxes. All boxes consist of a dozen of cupcakes. Each box will have a special occasion ribbon.

Graduation Box - Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcake, buttercream frosting, graduation toppers,  - $37
Baby Girl- Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcakes, tinted pink vanilla buttercream - $37.
Baby Boy- Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcake, tinted baby blue - $37.
Happy Anniversary- Wedding Cake cupcakes, white buttercream frosting, white sanding sugar, Box adorned w/ribbon - $37.
Birthday Goodie Box - 1 dozen  cupcakes w/festive sprinkles and candles (1 flavor) - $37.

Sweetie - Vanilla or Chocolate cupcakes w/Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream. Decorated with an assortment of  candy that children love (M&M, Gummy Worms, Sour Patch Kids, Mike & Ike, Nerd's, Skittles, Jelly Beans) - $37.

Gourmet Crispy Treats

1 dozen - $25.00 (2 flavors)

Candy or Fondant Mold decoration - $15.00 per dozen

Your treats can be decorated with colored candy melt chocolate drizzle. Let us know your color scheme for your event. Treats come in a bag with a ribbon. 

Edible Images $10.00 - Your favorite cartoon character or picture on your crispy treats. 

Plain Ole Jane - A crispy with white chocolate mixed 

Animal Cracker - Crispy Treat dipped in pink chocolate, sprinkles and animal crackers

Birthday - White chocolate, sprinkles inside and sprinkles on top

Cookies N Cream - Oreo cookie crumbles inside treat, w/white chocolate & cookie crumbles

Peanut Butter Cup - Peanut butter cups mixed in treats, dipped in chocolate and peanut butter cup crumbles on top

Red Velvet - Red velvet cake inside treat, cream cheese glaze, red velvet crumbs

Cinnamon Roll - All the things you love about a cinnamon roll is inside this treat w/cinnamon cream cheese glaze 

 1 week notice for cake orders.
Cakes - $35.00
Red Velvet
2 Layer - 9 Inch Round
Strawberry - $45.00
        Cookies N Cream- $45.00
                Red Velvet - $50.00
                 Carrot - $60.00
         Italian Cream Cake - $60.00
              Coconut - $50.00
      German Chocolate - $60.00
Sheet Cakes 

11x15= 35 servings $65

12x18= 55 servings $75

Specialty Flavors - $70/$85
Italian Cream 
         German Chocolate  
Wedding Cake

10 Inch Round Cake - 2 Layer
 (Serving-28) $70.00

12 Inch Round Cake - 2 Layer
(Serving-40) $80.00

Add $10.00 Specialty Flavor

Please contact us for pricing for small two tier cake. Two tier a per serving charge.

Edible image - $12.00

Filling - $10.00
Pineapple, Strawberry, Lemon

    Pecan -$20.00
             Buttermilk -$12.00
            Millionaire -$14.00
               Sweet Potato - $13.00
Brownies (Dozen)

Bars (Dozen) - $29.95


Please Be Prepared to Pay Invoice Upon Receipt. We  do not bake orders without full payment.
If last minute changes are requested and can be fulfilled a $15.00 charge will be sent to you via email requesting payment. The changed will not take place until the $15.00 has been paid.

You are not required to have PayPal. We send invoices via PayPal or Square.

Cancellations require 72 hour notice before delivery date.   Ex: Your event is you will need to cancel no later than 8:00 am Wednesday.

All deliveries are included within a 5 mile radius of our location. Deliveries beyond 5 miles will include a $10.00 delivery charge. 
Deliveries to event location - $25.00